Home Suite is a furniture brand best-known for its locally manufactured high quality metal beds at very competitive prices. It has been in the market for more than 30 years and its products can be found in known malls, as well as, some stand-alone furniture shops all over the Philippines.

With its dedication of providing durable yet affordable furniture, its customers are guaranteed with peace of mind and value for money that other low-cost furniture cannot offer. Through its capability of manufacturing its own merchandise spliced with its broad and strong connections with international suppliers, Home Suite is able to offer a wide variety of its market’s furniture needs. And to ensure that the brand remains updated in furniture trend, from time to time it changes its merchandise or at the very least replaces the fabrics of some of its items such as sala sets and sofa beds.

To date, the brand maintains a good mix of locally manufactured and imported items, wherein the former remains as its core products. As it seeks total customer satisfaction, buyers and users of the brand are given the assurance that each Home Suite item bought has passed the critique of its dedicated experts who ensures durability and affordability without necessarily sacrificing elegance.