• Home Suite
    Home Suite
    Home Suite is a furniture brand best-known for its locally manufactured high quality metal beds at very competitive prices. It has been in the market for more than 30 years and its products can be found in known malls, as well as, some stand-alone furniture shops all over the Philippines.
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  • Giant Carrier
    Giant Carrier
    Giant Carrier offers many infant care items to meet the needs of babies in different stages, making the baby comfortable and keeping the mother at ease. Product lines include playpen, walker, stroller, and accessories.
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  • Anthro Office Systems
    Anthro Office Systems
    Anthro Office Systems meets both the functional and aesthetic needs of today’s ever-changing office environment. It spans the three core elements of an office environment: architecture, furniture, and technology products.
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  • Furnicon
    Elegant, versatile and wonderfully simple, the Furnicon product lines are positioned to meet hotels and restaurants evolving needs. Its variety of innovative furniture designs can embellish any spaces for dining pleasure.
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  • Espacio
    Space matters for Espacio. Its opulent furniture lines caters, literally, to “high-end” clients. Its products possesses a synergy of luxury, precision, and functionality sits well with the discerning tastes of condominiums owners nowadays.
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